Coffee: It’s Worth the Wait

Many people drink coffee right when they roll out of bed, but research shows that you are probably better off waiting a little while before enjoying that first cup of joe – even more reason to grab a cup at Pilot or Flying J!


You’re already naturally alert when you first wake up because the levels of stress hormones in your body are already high. Most people’s stress hormones first peak at the time they wake up, again in the afternoon and then in the evening around dinnertime. Because of this, you may be better off waiting about an hour after you wake for your first coffee fix.

Waiting to have your coffee until you “need it,” when your stress hormones have dipped may actually make the caffeine that you’re drinking more effective, aiding in your alertness.

If you’ve hit your slump and are trying to decide what will give you that jolt the fastest, caffeine in coffee can vary from 58 mg/serving to as high as 564 mg in a 16 oz. cup.

Contrary to intuition, dark-roasted coffee does not actually contain any more caffeine than a lighter roast. The roast of the coffee is determined by the temperature and duration of the roasting process — it has very little effect on the caffeine in the bean.

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